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The Department of Physiology is one of the oldest Departments in Netaji Nagar College for Women and started its journey in 1981. The word “Physiology” means the branch of science which deals with the functions of various parts of living organisms. These different parts of an organism work in harmony to maintain a normal life. The undergraduate syllabus of Physiology at the University of Calcutta mainly focuses on human Physiology. The subject is so versatile that a student who graduated with Honours in Physiology may proceed to higher studies or work in any field of Biological Sciences including Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Marine Science, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Food & Nutrition etc. Currently, the Department has five full-time faculties holding the positions of two Assistant Professors and three State Aided College Teachers. Every year, forty-three (43) students get the opportunity to study Physiology Honours Degree Course and approximately fifty (50) students get admission to General Degree Course with Physiology as one of the subsidiary subjects. The performance of our students is quite satisfactory. The highest marks achiever in Physiology Honours Degree Course receives the “Netaji Nagar College for Women Teachers’ Council Merit Award”. The Department also encourages students to participate in the extra-curricular activities besides studies.

  • Dr. Arijit Ghosh, M.Sc., Ph.D

    HOD & Assistant Professor

  • Ritisri Mondal, M.Sc.

    Assistant Professor

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  • Shalmi Das, M.Sc.

    State Aided College Teacher (SACT-II)

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  • Anusuya Sarkar, M.Sc.

    State Aided College Teacher (SACT-II)

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  • Debleena Sur, M.Sc.

    State Aided College Teacher (SACT-I)

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