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Political Science

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The Department of Political Science of Netaji Nagar College for Women has been an integral part of the college ever since its establishment. The Department has worked sincerely, catering to the needs of the students as per the carricullum of 1+1+1 System, the CBCS System and recently the CFF System under the New Education Policy. Apart from the academic endeavour the department aims to fulfill the following aims:

  1. The Department aims at generating interest in politics and political developments both in the national and the international arena.
  2. Enabling students to link and apply theories in understanding political developments of past and present.
  3. Creating awareness and making them sensitive towards the various socio economic and environmental security threats both within and outside India which has an important impact on the political developments within the country.
  4. Encouraging students to form their own opinion and to articulate the same in class.
    Thus, through seminars, webinars,  lectures, tutorials and individual guidance the Department is working sincerely towards the achievement of the above goals.
  • Dr. Nilimpa Ghosh, M.A., Ph.D.

    HOD and Assistant Professor

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