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The college has formed the Grievance Redressal Cell in compliance with UGC Regulations 2019, to create a conducive atmosphere for both academics and other activities. Here the students can seek redressal of any grievance and be assured of prompt action with the highest standards of integrity, justice and confidentiality.

Grievances may be written and dropped in the complaints box in the college, emailed or submitted through the online portal.


The Cell Functions are defined as:

  1. To meet periodically and review the complaints received.
  2. To solve grievances as much as possible through principles of natural justice.
  3. To report to higher authorities for appropriate action if so required.

The objectives of the Cell are:

To provide an opportunity to the students to freely express their grievances

with confidence.

To ensure their anonymity and confidentiality of proceedings.

To have in place mechanism for prompt resolution of complaints.

To counsel the students appropriately in the process of redressal.

Annual Report for the Session 2018-2019

The Grievance Redressal Cell of the college noted that the students required a canteen and a Computer Room. There was also need of more books in the Library. All these problems were discussed thoroughly and referred to the Governing Body for further action.


Annual Report for the Session 2019-2020

The Grievance Redressal Cell noted that the construction of a new canteen, auditorium and computer room was approved from RUSA Funds. Books for the library were to be purchased also from RUSA funds.
The complaints from the students regarding the unhygienic wash rooms which were in need of immediate repair was noted and the matter urgently referred to the authorities for quick action.


Annual Report for the Session 2020-2021-No Report


Annual Report for the Session 2021-2022

The Cell recorded that the floor repair work of the 1st floor wash rooms has been completed.
It was noted that the students were heavily dependent on their mobile phones for most of their academic activities during the Pandemic. As they were facing a lot of difficulties in accessing and navigating in the college website from their phones, the website required some immediate changes and improvements for their benefit. The issue was urgent and referred to the ICT and Website committee for immediate action.


Annual Report for the Session 2022-2023

The cell recorded that the College Website has been upgraded to mobile friendly mode for the easy access of the students. It was also recorded that the committee acknowledged the requirement of the common room and the matter was referred to the Building Committee for further action.