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Higher education in India has multi-dimensional problems which can be solved only with a multi-dimensional approach. Whether we like it or not, we are in an age where higher education is confronted with some problems that apparently look like a struggle between quality and quantity arising out of the much-trodden path of value-based education and the emerging need-based education philosophy of the world. Virtually,there is no contradiction between the two, rather one is complementary to the other and one can not flourish without the other.
The success Netaji Nagar College For Women has already achieved in such a brief period since its inception in 1986 can reasonably lead one to believe that it has full of potentialities for growth not only to serve the people of the area where it is situated and at the initiative of those people only who founded it, but also to create an academic world of its own and to be the part and parcel of the State’s development programme in the sphere of education.
The College has performed undoubtedly well in the field of academic attainments. But it is not the time for complacency. We are yet to excel. Thus our task is to ensure high quality education to the learners in an emerging competitive education sector.
The introduction of application-oriented subjects like Environmental SciencE (Honours) and Food & Nutrition (Honours) from the Academic Session 2010- 2011,here we are confident, have already achieved remarkable excellence.
It is a matter of great pleasure to us that very recently, the College has successfuly conducted Six U.G.C. Sponsored Seminars on State Level as well as National Lavel. Eminent personalities and educationists from different Universities and Colleges were kind enough to attend and deliver lectures highlighting the need of such Seminars in the context of present-day situation. The staff, professors, scientists and students of various Universities and Colleges participated actively in the Seminars and put their best efforts to make the Seminars a grand success.
The College has published the papers of eminent professors and scholars of different Universities and Colleges complied in books entitled: ‘Recent Trends in Groundwater Pollution & Its Management’; ‘Rabindra Bhabnar Tridhara: Samaj-Vijnan-Prokriti’;’Rabindranather Pally Punorgathan Bhabna’; ‘Recent Trends in Zoology’; ‘Environmental Crisis : Challenges in the 21st Century’; and ‘Role of Nutrition in the Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases’. The above books will serve as a worthwhile reference for students, teachers and researchers.
The College has observed the 150th Birth anniversary of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore, Acharya P. C. Roy and Swami Vivekananda.
It is worth mentioning here that we have succeeded in preserving the 10 Kathas 14 Chattaks land at 349/419, N. S. C. Bose Road, Kolkata 92 from the grab of land shark local promoter. The said land was given by the Honourable Governor of the state of West Bengal for the construction of Women’s Hostel of the College comprising of 96 beds under the funding of U.G.C. The construction work of the Women’s Hostel is almost completed and the Women’s Hostel will be inaugurated from the current academic session (2013-2014).
As we are aware of our problems as well as the tasks involved therein, we can fairly look ahead to our programmes outlined below in a nutshell :
1 . Spread of higher education and attainment of quality .
2 . Completion of Courses in time, ensuring interactions among students and teachers through debates, discussions and seminars. Special arrangements have been made to help the students with counselling in selection of stream, subject combination and other allied matters. In case of application-oriented subjects, feasibility to be examined whether training, job-procurement, campus interview etc. can be arranged in collaboration with the relevant technical, industrial / health sector concerns.
3 . Special emphasis has been laid on the opening of newer and newer application oriented subjects so as to provide the students with better prospect of jobopportunity.
4 . Career Counselling cell has been established under the funding of U.G.C. to guide, train and develop the students for the job-market.
5 . For improvement of teaching, arrangements have been made for allowing the teachers to participate in Orientation and Refresher Courses in different subjects and provisions have been made for research works in different subjects.
6 . Encouragement has been given for faculty exchange programme .
7 . Improvement of facilities in the Library and Laboratory works .
8 . Feasibility of introducing some job-oriented courses and M.A. / M.Sc. courses of Distance Education in collaboration / partnership with the relevant Institution for spreading higher education among the students at large.
9 . Academic growth is to be achieved in the present context of :
a) Imparting knowledge and skill to the learners for greater student empowerment.
b) Bringing career thrust to a learner for attitude and endeavour.
c) Nurturing the strengths of self-viability to the fullest possible extent.
10. Due enforcement of the University Statutes, Rules and Regulations to maintain discipline and smooth running of College.
11. Creation of congenial atmosphere where all concerned can afford their best for the development of the College.
12. I have a passion for excellence and hence I have been trying to create a sense of ‘family’ also among the staff and students, and I believe “Initiation comes only to a prepared mind” as stated by Einstein.
13. One last word, let us repeat the dictum : WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY.

– Dr Tapan Kumar Ghosh


Women’s Hostel

Netaji Nagar College For Women announces the availability of Lady's Hostel for quality residential education [ B.A. / B.Sc. ( Honours & General Courses ) ] affiliated to the University of Calcutta.



A person of great academic interest who wishes to remain anonymous sponsors a scholarship awarded to the students securing top position in University Examination.


Career Counselling Cell

There is a separate career counselling cell comprising 5 computers with internet facility and laser printers sponsored by U.G.C. for career guidance of the Students.



There are two NSS Units in our college.