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The Cell aims to prepare the students for their future careers in the following ways:

  1. Impart knowledge and skills to make the students employable.
  2. Share information on employment opportunities and training programs through networking.
  3. Organize seminars and workshops for information exchange on current requirements of potential job areas.
  4. Facilitate interactions between students and alumni who are already established in their careers.
  5. Provide career guidance to students from external experts.


The Placement and Career Counselling Cell of the college has been formed with the view to assist the students to develop and streamline their academic and career interests and goals, and to provide opportunities for training and skill development in order to equip them for their future. The counseling helps them to understand better their available options and how to pursue them, managing their individual strengths and opportunities.

Annual Report for the Session 2018-19

It was recorded that RICE Institute, Sonarpur successfully organised a one day  programme on career opportunities in the college  in this session. A good number of students attended the programme and spontaneously enrolled themselves for various training programmes offered by the Institute.



Annual Report for the Session 2019-20

The committee appreciated the efforts of RICE Institute, Sonarpur for successfully organizing a day long programme on career opportunities in the college. Students have benefited from the information on the wide range of career opportunities  shared with them,and enrolled themselves for further training offered by the Institute for their future careers.



Annual Report for the Session 2020-21

No Report



Annual Report for the Session 2021-22

The committee appreciated the effort of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Science for organising a Webinar on Job Oriented Career Counselling on 8.12.21. The IQAC and Magic Bus India Foundation were also appreciated for organising a Seminar on job opportunity on 07 .04. 2022.



Annual Report for the Session 2022-23

The committee recorded the commendable efforts of the IQAC in organising two Career Counselling Seminars along with Frank-Finn India and Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare on 18.11.2022 and 23.03.2023 respectively, and arranging a Digital Literacy Workshop with the help of Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare on 23.12.22.