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The Cell endeavours to

  1. Assure gender equality and equal opportunities, free from bias and discrimination.
  2. Instill confidence and high self esteem in order to take right decisions.
  3. Encourage the students to be self reliant and economically independent.
  4. Spread awareness on the social, legal and constitutional rights of women in order to prevent exploitation.
  5. Increasing awareness on physical, mental and sexual violence and equipment them to fight against them.
  6. Increase awareness of their health and balanced nutrition.



  1. Organizing special lectures on important events and commemorative days.
  2. Organizing programs and food festivals on healthy nutrition and women’s hygiene.
  3. Organizing workshops on self defense and healthy minds.



The Women’s Cell of the college has been formed with the objective to help build an egalitarian society where the female students are assured of their dignity and equal rights, and to create an environment in which they realize their full potentials.

Annual Report for the Session 2018-19

The Women’s Cell of the College recorded that  the cultural subcommittee of the college organized a program to celebrate International Women’s day 2019  on 08.03.2019. During the session, it also recommended the Maternity Leaves of two faculty members, Putul Malla Chowdhury and Debarati Maity.



Annual Report for the Session 2019-20

No Report



Annual Report for the Session 2020-21

The Women’s Cell of the College recorded that Tanushree Ballial , SACT of Department of Education availed of Maternity leave starting from 13.02.2021.




Annual Report for the Session 2021-22

The Women’s Cell of the College recorded that Cultural Subcommittee organized a programme on 08.03.2022 to observe “International Women’s Day 2022”.




Annual Report for the Session 2022-23

The Women’s Cell of the College appreciated the efforts of the Cultural Subcommittee for organizing the programme on 08.03.2023 celebrating International Women’s Day.  The Cell recorded that Dr. Anindita Majumder, Associate Professor of Department of History availed of CCL starting from 01.02.2023. The cell also recorded that Asmita Bhattacharya, SACT of Department of Philosophy availed of Maternity leave starting from 02.10.2022 and Moumita  Santra,  SACT of Department of Philosophy availed of Maternity leave starting from 23.06.2023.



Gender Sensitization Action Plan

  1. To conduct:
  • Awareness Programs related to Women’s Health, Hygiene and Nutrition
  • Seminars, Workshops and other relevant Programs on Gender Equity and Women’s Rights.
  • Self Defense and Yoga Training Programs for the Students.
  • Training for Competitive Examinations for Pass-out Students
  1. To Continue:
  • Programs for Women Empowerment, Mentoring and Psychological Counselling.
  • Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Employability Enhancement and Personality Development programs for Students.
  • Value Orientation and Programs on Leadership Skills.
  • Career Counselling for Placement.
  1. To Deploy Adequate Resources towards:
  • Welfare Programs for the Students
  • Infrastructure Upgradation and Innovations in Teaching –Learning Process.


Gender Sensitization Action Taken

The College has arranged for all of the following in the Campus for its students:

  • Women Security
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Clean Rest Rooms
  • Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
  • Regular Health Check-ups and Awareness Programs on Thalassemia Screening
  • Seminars on Women Empowerment, Gender Equity
  • Programs on Breaking Stereotypes.