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The Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest department of our college. The Honours course in Philosophy was started in 2009. Teachers of the department, apart from delivering lectures to the classes, constantly try to bring out the innate qualities of the students. As a result, wall magazine is published in various occasions to encourage their independent effort in the field of Art. Teachers have contributed much to the extension of philosophical knowledge by organizing students’ seminars, study tours etc.
Department has two substantive teachers and two SACT. Textbooks and many reference books are available in the college library. The department with its faculty strength operates successfully to achieve its aim and serves only girls’ students. Many of them are the first-generation degree seekers from economically weakest sections of the society. Department is engaged in spreading higher education to the financially weaker students.
Vision of the Department: The endeavour of the department of Philosophy is to promote the awareness and understanding of the students in respect of the social needs of our state and prepare them for fulfilling such needs in a meaningful way. Our motto is to enrich the knowledge of the students of philosophy with special emphasis on spiritual, moral and ethical values and to create a calm, peaceful and noble atmosphere among the students so that they can enable themselves to be good moral citizens in future.
The mission of the Department is-
1. to spread education to the youth and develop the personality.
2. to develop philosophy of their life, to be clear about the goal of life.
3. to help in nation building.

  • Dr. Lipika Datta, M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D.

    HOD and Associate Professor

  • Moumita Pramanik, M.A., M.Phil

    Assistant Professor

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  • Asmita Bhattacharya, M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed,

    State Aided College Teacher (SACT-I)

  • Moumita Santra, M.A., B.Ed

    State Aided College Teacher (SACT)