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The Department of English, one of the most academically vibrant departments of the college, started its journey in 1986. It aims at strengthening students’ knowledge in English Literature and Language and enables them to participate and communicate effectively and confidently in English. The department is led by Smt. Debarati Maity, Assistant Professor in English. She is actively involved in research and has published articles in reputed journals and books. The department has an active e-journal called “The Red blossom” which encourages and even pesters students from time to time to regularly engage in contributing scholarly articles, paintings, photographs and other creative work that might have attracted their fascination. The department inculcates interdisciplinary approach to learning literature in order to develop greater contextual and comprehensive understanding of the texts. To make learning more engaging, profound and insightful, the students are encouraged to create posters and ppts on various topics of their syllabus.  In order to promote social skills and facilitate personality development among the students, the faculty regularly organizes activities like essay contests, debates, quiz contests, advertisement creation, poetry composition, blog making, content writing, story writing, travelogue writing, reel making and likewise. The department fosters an inclusive environment for education by providing individual attention and mentorship to students hailing from diverse backgrounds. Overall, the department is dedicated to impart a holistic growth to the students.

  • Debarati Maity, M.A., M.Phil

    HOD and Assistant Professor

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