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Department of Zoology: Year of Establishment: B.Sc. Gen-1986; B.Sc. Hons -1995 Zoology is a branch of biology that focuses on the scientific exploration and understanding of the animal kingdom, encompassing a wide range of species from microscopic organisms to complex vertebrates. The Department of Zoology of Netaji Nagar College for Women is dedicated to the study of animals– their behaviors’, classification, evolution, and ecological roles. We also aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and developmental biology. We also offer specialized courses in areas such as fisheries, reproductive biology and animal cell biotechnology. Our department has three accomplished faculty members, who are experts in various areas of zoological research and have publications in prestigious scientific journals. We try our best to make learning more engaging and interactive. Bringing abstract concepts to life, making complex subjects more accessible, and stimulating critical thinking and problem-solving skills provide an enhanced learning experience among our students. Further, every faculty member tirelessly strives to rise above and beyond their conventional duties of teaching and training– to inspire, guide, ignite passion, challenge students to reach their potential, and provide valuable guidance and support to their students. A degree in Zoology Hons. opens up a range of career opportunities for our students in various sectors, including academia, research institutions, wildlife conservation organizations, zoos, museums, governmental agencies, pharmaceutical, pathological laboratories and biotechnological companies. As evident from past student’s progression reports, students of our department get various opportunities to pursue higher studies and professional diploma courses immediately after graduation. Time to time we organize various events like Seminars/Conferences/Workshops, wall magazines, quiz contests, poster competitions etc. and also arrange excursions/field work etc. to provide hands on experience and practical application of knowledge. These engagements promote social skills, creative pursuits, empathy, teamwork, opportunity to connect with others, develop relationships and explore leadership qualities among students. Overall, impact of the department on educational experience, the relationships formed, personal growth achieved leaves a lasting impression in students minds and memories.

  • Dr. Tapan Kumar Ghosh, M.Sc., Ph.D.


  • Dr. Subhalakshmi Ganguly, M.Sc., Ph.D.

    HOD & Assistant Professor

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  • Dr. Debasmita Tripathy, M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

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  • Debosmita Roy, M.Sc., B.Ed

    State Aided College Teacher (SACT-II)

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